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Biomedical Engineering

We provide customized automation solutions for various biomedical engineering applications. we have been continuously putting all efforts in R&D to deliver more innovative accurate and fast productive SPMs in the market.

Automation for Membrane Lamination: Salient Features

  • Automatic Feeding of Card Rolls " Reel to Reel feeding"
  • Easy & accurate setting of double sided sticking tape
  • Automatic winding of tape insulation and accurate laminating of cellulose membrane
  • Programmable cutting lengths
  • Finished Laminated membrane card
  • SPM for membrane lamination

Automation for Guillotine Shear / Diagnostic test strips and device card cutting

  • Guillotine shear for card upto 300mm wide
  • Programmable & Reel to Reel feeding

New Fast Programmable guillotine shearing machine ( Shearing speed upto 300 strips per minute)

Packaging Automation for 3-side closed & pre-printed medical pouches

Complete packaging automation solution for 3-sided closed medical pouch

Fully Automatic Pouch Packaging machine (Patented)

Semi Automatic Pouch Packaging machine (Manual feeding and filling)

Rapid Diagnostic Test Kits (for Malaria, HCG, HIV, Pregnancy, etc.)

Multi-stations Fully Automatic Machine for the assembly of these diagnostic test kits

Semi Automatic test kits assembler